Sporty Mixed Grill | Little Soya Soy Sauce

Here are some ideas for Red Cooking a Mixed Grill using Little Soya Soy Sauce.

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“An extended marinade, moist heat, smoky grill and Little Soya, go past taming wild game; these meats become something you crave, even when eaten cold.” –The Author

Red vs. Brown
Red Cooking is Chinese Braising. Similar methods include Twice Cooked foods (Sichuan) and Char Siu (Cantonese Barbecue). Pedestrian versions of Red Cooked meats use unnatural dyes. Meats colored with beans or beets turn brown after cooking.  

Soy Sauce
Even in the Americas, Soy Sauce (Soya Sauce) has grown to be a traditional ingredient and commodity. Soy Sauce is an essential component of many Western foods such as Jerky/Beef Jerky, Caesar Salad, Salad Dressings, Cocktail Sauce, French Dip Au Jus, Bloody Mary, Snack/Party Mix, Barbecue Sauce, Steak Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce.

Little Soya Soy Sauce | Game Changer
Exceedingly gourmet and probably one of the higher forms of Soy Sauce, Little Soya is a lowered sodium, gluten-free, non-GMO, Soy Sauce described as “smooth, sweet and rich”, “drinkable” and as an “Everything Sauce”. Little Soya is an American label of imported, artisan Soy Sauce from one of the oldest, Soy Sauce producing regions. Little Soya has appeared in Good Housekeeping Magazine and is used aboard the International Space Station.

Use an Asian spice powder or fresh "Aromatics" when marinating meats.

Over-grown Cilantro (Coriander) can be too strong. The Author has been experimenting with Coriander stalks or stems as a flavor. 

Venison and Wood Ducks go in Tupperware for a 2 day Marinade or cure.

A red marinade is made by blending Harvard Sweet and Sour Beets or Pickled Beets with Soy Sauce and Honey.

Raw meats should be stored on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator.

After 2 days, meats are braised or cooked with moist heat until fully tenderized. 

Chicken stock or tap water is added for braising.

Braising | Moist Heat Simmer Times
(After Heating)

Small or Halved Birds: 
1-2 Hours
Small Roast:
3-4 Hours

When meats are fully tenderized, they can be stored in the refrigerator or grilled immediately. 

Meats are oiled and receive an extended, smoky grilling.

Meats are brushed with Little Soya while grilling.

The finished meats get a glaze before serving; use any syrupy sauce blended with more Little Soya.

The author requested an opportunity to test Little Soya Soy Sauce and utilized an advertized, donated sample for this purpose. The author is not otherwise affiliated or associated with Little Soya nor has the author received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Little Soya.

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