The TWILIGHT ZONE | Plant Hardiness On The Upper Mississippi

The Upper Mississippi River Valley and Headwaters had heavy snows through May 3rd and frost through May 12th.

A few years ago we planted extra seeds along side carefully hardened transplants and the seeds sown directly in the ground grew stronger, faster and survived better, therefore, we no longer bother with transplants except for commercial transplants that are on clearance.

Instead, we sow only fast growing hybrids directly in the ground outside.

We used a temporary, plastic sheeting garden fence this year in an effort to raise the ground temperature of our garden plots during snows and frost. Next to free, plastic sheeting and Lath Wood are the least expensive fencing materials.

On the Upper Mississippi, as soon as the snows subside, tornados, thunderstorms, straight-line winds and microbursts begin. We grow our plants in tight, geometrically shaped clusters because we wrap twine around these clusters as they grow so they don’t get flattened by wind gusts.

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