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byejoe is an American label or brand of Baijiu; a  clear, distilled spirit found throughout East Asia.

Baijiu is believed to have been produced for over 5000 years and is purported to be one of the most widely consumed spirits. Baijiu has even been featured in TIME magazine: Link 

byejoe is artfully distilled in the East using the finest red sorghum, and skillfully refined in the West using revolutionary patented technology. The result is an alluring ultra-premium spirit that's smooth and sophisticated for contemporary tastes. Enjoy byejoe as you like it – on the rocks, in shots or your favorite fusion cocktails. And get ready to experience the new spirit of china.”

100% Red Sorghum
Made from Sorghum, byejoe has an irresistible aroma and flavor. This author could only describe byejoe as having a delicious overall aroma and flavor of malty, grassy, fruit subtleties, a pure mouth feel and a perfect finish.  

A byejoe Eggnog is probably one of the most delicious drinks the author (1986 Mixologist Diploma)  has ever tasted.

The Final Frontier
The author tested byejoe over summer in America’s Interior, The Upper Midwest.

“Everyone loved it and was very intrigued, probably because it is refreshingly pure and mild. It (byejoe) really started a buzz; everyone was talking about it for months afterwards, they are still talking about it.” –The Author

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The author requested an opportunity to test byejoe brand Baijiu and utilized a donated sample for this purpose. The author is not otherwise affiliated or associated with byejoe brand Baijiu, nor has the author received pecuniary compensation or incentive from byejoe brand Baijiu.